Wine Box Hack: Camp Kitchen Pantry

Mary Here,

We obtained this wine box so long ago I can't even remember how. I found it in the closet when gathering things up. I figured it would be good for storing the camp stove and some other kitchen stuff.  The stove fit inside it. Then after playing around with things yesterday, I got the idea that, while it was empty, it could serve as a nice pantry that I can close up at night by sliding the lid back on.  I asked Ali to put in small rails and some thin boards to make shelves.

Today he surprised me with this!

Here's the box with the shelves installed. The lid still slides on and off so I can close it up at night. Perfect!

Here is is acting as storage during transport. First the shelves are removed, the stove is put in and the shelves get wedged in to act as packing material to keep the stove from moving around.

Next goes all the other kithcen stuff that I can fit in it. There's still room for dishes and cups.

Then it's just a matter of sliding on the lid to close it all up.  I'm going to put a cutting board on the outside of the lid to cover the logo. Like with the box, that will give the lid a dual purpose too.

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