What We've Been Up To

Mary here,

I was hoping we could go to more events this year but it has been so hot all summer that it would have killed us to go anywhere, plus the gate fees being waaaaaaaaaaaay out of our budget made event-going impossible for us. I was hoping we could make it to September Crown but there's rain in the forecast and even if we could make it, we wouldn't because of the rain.

We need rain. Desperately.

August was a weird month which is why you haven't seen any posts. It started out with me stepping on a nail out in the yard on Aug 1.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Come to find out I have frozen shoulder and arthritis in my toes, shoulders and hips. I don't need x-rays to tell you that I also have it in my back, but knowing that I have it explains a lot.  My Cholesterol level is a wee high so before my next visit with the doctor, I'm going to try and lower it by eating certain foods. I am not a fan of polluting my body with chemicals from the Big Pharma. Dr wanted to give me Cymbalta for the Fibromyalgia but I explained that I'm NOT a pill taker and that crap doesn't last long anyway. I'd rather suffer than take it.

Next is a mammogram and, oh joy, a colonoscopy.  I love that I'm getting it (my mother died of colon cancer)  I'm just not looking forward to the process.

Now that we're moving into September, it will be time for Fall soon...but I'm not ready for Fall. Everyone else seems ready for it, but I have been totally enjoying the summer, in spite of the heat. The evenings, especially, have been perfectly beautiful. I shall miss it.

Until next time,
Stay Well and Be Happy

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