We Haz Pavilion...Almost!

Mary here,

I was going to sew on twill tape ties to the top of the sheets to attach them to the pop-up frame but got to thinking about that. I remembered the no-sew system of inserting a rock or stone and tieing string or rope around that to make a kind of anchor. It also prevents any ripping or tearing as no holes are made in the cloth.

I have a jar full of marbles and plenty of ribbon. This will save me the expense of buying twill tape and the time to sew everything on.  It is also easily adjustable so that if I don't put these in just the right spot, I can move them.

This worked out really well. Once I got the walls outside, I decided that a different spot on the frame would be better than the spot that I originally picked. Using square knots makes it easy to untie from the marble, move the marble and tie it all back up again.

Here it is in action.

no sew ties in action

I'll be adding some of these near the bottom where the fold will be for the sod cloth so that the walls can be staked to the ground too.

I'm getting uber excited as now it's starting to look like a pavilion. I'm just waiting on the Velcro to arrive from Amazon which should be here early next week. It will be a matter of some simple straight sewing to attach the velcro and this tent will be ready to put up.

Pavilion almost ready to go. Just waiting on the Velcro.

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