We have Velcro!

Mary here,

Shazam! It's Sunday night and we checked the mail box on the way home from the store "just in case" and there it was. Must have arrived yesterday. I figured it wouldn't get here until Monday so never bothered to check after Friday afternoon. 

I "broke down camp" earlier today to see just how much volume all the stuff I'm packing is going to take up and it's actually not as bad as I thought.  I could even fold the pop-up by myself. It was just a matter of "walking it" back and forth as I pushed in on the corners.

The wine box/cupboard is holding the stove, cooking utensils, a bottle of propane, several dishes, 2 bowls, a drinking cup and 4 hand towels. That's a lot of stuff all nice and neatly packed. I will have to look into getting more wine boxes.

The main bulk is from the folding tables and I like to have a lot of tables to keep things off the floor. I can't do a lot of bending over.

Tonight I'm going to try sleeping on the cot with 2 foam pads to see how that's going to work for me. I'd rather find out now than at the event where it will be too late to do anything about it. I could just bring my twin sized sleep number bed. It doesn't weight anything and folds up easily.

I brought the fabric stuff inside the house and now that the velcro is here, I can start attaching it to the sheets. So, tah tah for now!

To be continued...

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