We have Rain!

Mary here,

Well, well, well. What do you know...

I took everything down yesterday and put it all into a somewhat cohesive pile. I was going to leave everything out but then a little voice said (about the cloth items like walls, banners, sleeping bag, etc.), "You need to bring this stuff inside.".

Rain was no where in the forecast so I wasn't too concerned about the rest of the stuff. I figured if anything out there got wet, it would be OK since it was mainly just tables, banner poles and the pop-up which was in its waterproof bag. Something told me to bring the rest of the stuff inside. 

I awoke to the sound of drizzle. Ali told me it rained like mad very early this morning (great for the veggie garden) and it's been drizzling ever since.  He was an angel. He went outside, brought in the bag that contains the pop-up and covered up the rest of the stuff. Yay for SCA husbands who "get it". 

I figured I may as well use the rest of the evening to start sewing the Velcro on to the walls since they were inside. I got 3 walls done before hitting the sack. I'm going to use a different sheet for the last wall than the one I originally planned on using. The original one has some mildew staining and a couple of tears. I used it thinking that it was the last of the Mowhikans, but I have since found another sheet I could use. I'll measure it to make sure it's comparable, attach the Velcro and dye it (keeping fingers crossed that any stores around here have the dye I need).  I'll use the areas unstained by mildew to make banners and stuff out of it (ditty bags, cooler cover, that kind of thing).

The rest of the week will be spent coordinating garb and getting some weaving done.

To be continued...

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