Totally Bummed about June Faire XXXV

Greetings good gentles,

Mary here.

I went to update the household calendar page and I just found out the location for June Faire XXXV is at the same awful site it was held at last year. I can't tell you how bummed we are.  Of all the events, this is the one that we like to, and are able to, attend. Not this year. Not after our experience with it last year. Not at the chosen site, which sucks because it's not far from our house.

I hate to be such a "negative Nelly", but it can't be helped. The site is built on an old landfill. Each level is on a steep plateau. There's deep, deep ruts in the ground because it turns to mud when it rains and the off-roaders like to tear it up when it's like that.  It's completely open (no trees) which means no shade and relentless winds (which get worse at sunrise and sunset).  June Faire is usually always very sunny and hot.  Last year was no exception and we roasted.  My tent was blown over twice. A leg was damaged and it was never the same after that. I blame myself for not anchoring it down better, however, just know that it took a lot to blow it over, and blow it over it did.

There were also no restrictions on the type of generators that merchants were allowed to use. We were on the archery range, right next to a loud, unceasing generator by a food merchant located on the plateau below us. We don't hold any confidence that whisper quiet generators will be required this time either.


The good news is that it gives us more time to work on the Tiny Tudor Tourney Trailer,   Perhaps we can have it ready for Last Chance.

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