The 2018 Calendar

Mary here.

Not sure if we'll be able to make it to any events this year.  The foreclosure sale on our house is expected July 6th. That's one day short of the anniversary of Diane's passing and the 14th Anniversary of living here.

It will be a sad day, but I will be glad to hit the road. Except for one thing. Ali/Alric's health took a turn for the worse in January. He developed Atrial Fibrillation and Congestive Heart Failure. The type of damage they found to his heart is generally from untreated Sleep Apnea.  If you have that, please, use your CPAP machine! This has been a life altering experience for us and I wouldn't like anyone to go through this, especially if it can be prevented!

Since we'll probably be hitting the road by summer, I'm hoping that it will afford us the opportunity to go to some events.  I will update the Calendar as soon as we know anything.

Until then, be excellent to one another.


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