Pop Up Pavilion Progress

Yes! This is going to work.  It's like these sheets were made just for this pop up.  All I need to do is run velcro up the corners to create the seams that will join them together. Then I'll get some twill tape to make ties to attach them them to the frame at the top on the inside.  I won't have to do any cutting except for the door.

Here's the main frame. Note: I don't have the crosspieces for the awning in place which is why it's sagging.

Here's the front. I'll use 2/3rds of 2 sheets to create the front door. They will overlap in the middle and I can add twill tape ties to secure it closed when needed.  The 1/3rd panels that I cut off can go towards increasing the width of the sod cloth at the bottoms.


This is the side and back.  I'm not sure what to do about the back. I could try and paint it yellow or find another sheet, dye it yellow and make a slip cover so that it will blend in.


The huge canvas painters tarp that we pulled out of storage is also in very good shape. I'll use it as the ground cloth. Eventually I would like to replace the sheet walls with duck canvas. Once I get the sheet walls perfected, I can use them as the pattern for the canvas ones.

I'm not sure what to do with the white walls we originally used with the EZ-Up that we got at Costco. They are too big for this pop-up. Not sure if I should trade/sell them or get another EZ-Up eventually.  Something to think about later. For now, I need to get some velcro! 

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