Next Stop: June Faire XXXIII

Mary here,

Well, it's rolling up on the 12th hour and we got nearly everything accomplished that we needed to get done.  The only thing left to do is pack the truck.

We went back to St. Vincent de Pauls and got the slats for the IKEA bed that I got there.  We also discovered that it takes only 4 screws to assemble and take it apart. It will be coming with me. Yay for sleeping in comfort!

I returned some miscellaneous items to Lowes to give me extra money and bought those little solar garden path lights at the dollar store. I tried one out last night and it lit up my bathroom so I figure those will be do-able inside my tent and around camp.

Did last minute food shopping.

I found some "portable holes" that are meant to hold tea lights, I think, and I'll use those to hold up the poles that the sheets can hang off of to cover the kitchen. If they don't work I can always use rope and use the portable holes as stakes. We went around the yard looking for small straight trees to make me some poles and found some perfect ones. Yay for the mighty Fiskars long handle pruners.

Made the specialty beverages and a couple of "breakfast burritos" and cleaned the kitchen.

Got the last of the dying done.

I discovered,  a few minutes ago,  that "Mary" doesn't have any camping garb. She has one outfit suitable for wearing to a feast, but certainly not for camping. Saeedah has plenty of stuff but Saeedah isn't playing this weekend. Looks like I'll have to either borrow something from Gold Key, a friend or buy/barter with a merchant.  Too tired and broken right now to whip up a tabard or anything or I would.

The camera is emptied out and is charging.  I have completely run out of gas and since we're going to pack in the morning rather than tonight, I'm going to hit the sack early to try and get up early.

See you at June Faire XXXIII!

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