Moving Forward

We are still reeling from Diane's passing but we are coping a little better each day. Without her, we can't keep our property so we started making arrangements to vacate. We gave the chickens away to a good home and also found a very good, loving home for Stinker. We purchased a used travel trailer to call home and as soon as the sheriff comes to kick us out of here, we will be on our way. We sold the Bronco and bought a van with which to haul the trailer.  We also purchased a resort membership so that we have somewhere to go, when the time comes.

We will also need a home base. Friends, located in Puyallup, will let us use their driveway and their address for this purpose. We will spend time there on the days that we have to be out of the resort system (it's 2 weeks on and 1 week off the system).  We will also be getting a membership to Thousand Trails for when we travel outside Washington.  We've decided we can't take the cold, dark, rainy days of Washington winters and will join the Snowbird crowd.  Come next fall, our plan is to chase 75° by heading south.

The past 5 months have been spent going through 13 years of stuff that has accumulated both inside and outside the house, selling some of it as we went along and deciding what we can/want to keep. There's still a lot of stuff. we will either have an estate sale OR we will have St. Vincent send a truck and come haul it all off. We don't know yet.

That's about it for now. Be excellent to each other.

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