More Rain

Mary here,

Looks like the weather is taking a turn since they last predicted. Won't be clearing up until Thursday. This means I won't get to try out all the walls with the velcro until nearly the last minute. I'm the type of person who likes to be completely packed and ready to go, at least, 2 weeks before I go anywhere.  Not that I can't do any last minute packing for anything, I just prefer to be prepared and I'd like to know that all the walls were done correctly so I have enough time to make any adjustments.

The weekend is promising to be hot. For most of you, that's not very hot, but for us, once it gets past 75°, we start to roast. I'll have to wear appropriate garb. Heat stroke sucks.

I got all the Velcro sewed on and just made it with the thread I had on hand. The bobbin, however, ran out half way through the last row of stitches (naturally). I just hope the thread takes the dye when I dye the sheet.

This is how the Velcro works. I run a strip of hooks on the inside from top to about 12" from the bottom, on one planel and the loops on the outside of the adjoining panel in the same manner. I also marked the corners with A-B-C-D, not that it matters which wall goes where, I just felt like I needed to do it. It will help when setting up so that I don't grab the door panel when what I really need is a wall.

Now that we have "stay-indoors" weather for the next few days, I can concentrate on garb, weaving and meal planning. I will, however, have to get to the store to get dye, fabric paint,  potty chems and some food items. Fabric paint will be for making more banners. I don't have time to cut and sew appliqued banners like I used to and fabric paint will be just the ticket.

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