June Faire XXXIII

June Faire XXXIII is in just 2 weeks and, weather permitting, Mary will be camping over night. Yep, Mary is back in action. Ali will be day-tripping. Diane will be staying home as normally the weather is very hot and she simply can't handle the heat. Neither can Mary but she's throwing caution to the wind.

Because of my Fibromyalgia (chronic pain and fatigue) I won't be able to volunteer at the event but I hope to still have a good time. I'll be taking the next 2 weeks to gather up the SCA gear that has not seen the light of day in 10 years. I bought a pop up day shade, last fall ,at 90% off. I was expecting to use it at weaving demos, but will be making it look like a medieval pavillion for the event instead. After setting it up for the first time 2 days ago, I regrets not buying 2 of them.

During a mundane household purge, I discovered we had a lot of queen sized sheets. I was going to donate them to St. Vinnies but I'll be putting them to good use towards this project. Expect more blog posts on this project. It will be involving Rit dye and fabric paints.

Tomorrow is slated for good weather. After grocery shopping and hitting the hardware store, I'm hoping I still have enough energy to dye the sheets, measure, cut and sew them into walls and maybe paint on a design too.  I'll be taking lots of pictures of the process so, look forward to that.

To be continued...

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