Is it Christmas in May?

Mary here,

Today is starting out really good. I had to go to the post office, early, to mail something I sold and on the way back home we checked our mail box. These things arrived and just in time for June Faire. Mary gets to have braids, again, only this time....well...she's not a spring chicken anymore, so no more auburn braids. Gray it is!  I might have to order another package but this will do for now.

New braids for Mary

I've always wanted this book ever since I first checked it out at the library back in the early 1980's.  I don't really need it, but it's fun to look at and it gives me ideas for new garb.

Patterns for Theatrical Costumes

The other really fun thing I did this morning was get into Big Blue and rummage around.  I needed to do this before the sun came out, while is was still cool outside.  I found a bunch of stuff that I forgot we even had, plus things that brought back a lot of memories.  I located our "fire box". It's a large wooden box, very nice too, that held all the tiki torch canisters, fire starters, candles, candle lanterns and that kind of thing. Everything still perfectly packed. There was a full 1 gallon jug of lamp oil. I pulled out 2 tiki torch canisters, the funnel and the lamp oil and grabbed 2 of the 8 tiki torch holders.  I also found more tables. 2 complete ones and one I completely forgot about. That one is 2 parts, the top is slats that are held together with strapping on the underside and it rolls up. I didn't find the base. It's probably near where I found the top, it's just that I was getting extremely fatigued by this time and the sun started coming out, so I had to stop. I'll have another look either later tonight when it cools down or tomorrow morning.  I also found a bunch of water jugs, shepherds hooks (to hold banners), a walking stick, a good pair of Fiskars scissors and my porta potty. I also spotted the parts to another tent, except for the canvas. I'll try and locate that when I go back in later for the legs to the roll top table.

To be continued...

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