Household Favors

Greetings good gentles,

Mary here.

To commemorate our 20th anniversary as a household, I've decided to weave up some new household favors. Not that I don't already have a lot to get ready. I just can't help myself.  I'll be using 8/4 cotton carpet warp for this project. I was going to do warp faced plain weave with pick up but eventually decided on doing it in double face tablet weaving.

Here's the design for double face tablet weaving:

Here's the design for plain weave with pick up:

This is the first time I've done this kind of work so thought I'd do a practice piece with letters. These turned out so nice I ended up weaving about 6 of them.

Working out the details:

It took me a while to work it all out but I finally got it finished after several false starts.

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