Improving Camp Kitchens with Faux Barrels

Mary here,

I'm in the throws taking our small 4 x 8 utility trailer and designing an SCA Tourney trailer for it. The biggest problem is the kitchen which will be outside of it. Kitchens hold the majority of modern items which get messy and ugly looking really quick.  Normally I screen off the kithcen, throw a cloth over stuff and call it good. I want better than that. I also don't want to do any bending over.

The odd shape and color of most water jugs is a problem, especially ours.  I thought of using wooden barrels or kegs, rather than large plastic containers, until I saw the price of them. I came across this video in my search for an alternative to the actual thing.  I'd like to take this concept one step further by making them in more manageable sizes and cutting out the center of the rounds. They can then be used to store all kinds of things right out in the open, including propane bottles and our water jugs. I'd like to have one raised up over the sink area so that I can use a spigot and let gravity do all the work. With a straight center core, they would also make for a briliant trash can.

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