Happy New Year

Greetings good gentles.  Mary here.

From our house to yours, may 2017 bring us all peace, joy, prosperity and good health.

We are looking forward to the upcoming tourney season in anticipation of taking in more events than we have in the past. Last year, if it wasn't too hot, we were either too broke or too sick to go to any. We're hoping 2017 will see less of that.  Packing/unpacking, setting up...makes going to events, especially over-nighters,  extremely difficult for us. A tourney trailer will definitely help with being able to go to events.

We had hoped to start gathering the bits and pieces this winter to build the tourney trailer this spring, but our kitty Jummah fill ill in December and all funds had to be funneled into veterinary expenses. We are happy to report that kitty has made a full recovery. Thank you to those who supported us during the difficult time.

We still want to build that tourney trailer, though!   Will keep you updated on the progress as soon as I have anything to report.

Peace and love,


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