Estrella War?

Greetings good gentles, Mary here.

I hope this missive finds you well and in good spirits.

Good news! Colonoscopy went well. Alric had blood clots in his leg that nearly caused the loss of his leg in March. He's better now and we got the appointment for his cardio ablation the beginning of July.

We finally got our vaccinations and stimulus payments. We were able to get the truck fixed and replace some of the many items that got stolen while the truck was at the mechanic for 2 months. We discovered that they didn't actually fix one of the problems that we got charged for. We took it elsewhere and things are good at the moment. 

Now, depending on the outcome of the ablation and if Alric gets the Okay to travel, we will be heading to Arizona once again. The goal is to attend Estrella War this time! The moment they announced the "go ahead" I started planning for it. This means thrift store shopping and all new garb!

I have been missing the SCA so much that I thought this would make for a very good vacation. Will we see you there? I hope so! Keeping fingers crossed that this becomes a reality. 

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