Encampment Dry Run

Mary here,

It was so beautiful out today that I thought I would take advantage of that and do a dry run of the new encampment for June Faire XXXIII.  I went through all the camping gear that I could find around the house and brought it all outside. Then I went through all the decorative stuff I could find and brought that out too.

Encampment Dry Run

The box on the table was a wine box we got from somewhere ages and ages ago. The stove fits right inside with room to spare. I'll keep the kitchen stuff in that and then I'm going to have Ali put little shelves in it to have it double as a pantry.

I discovered that the queen sized Moroccan bedspread that I have will be perfect for hiding the scissor mechanism of the pop-up. Right now I'm using a pole to see the effect but what I'll do is attach a twill tape tie to the center and tie it to the center peak before we put it all the way up. Then I'll do same with ties on the perimeter.

Concealing the pop-up's scissor mechanism.

I was concerned about having just sheets as walls due to their transparency. That doesn't leave one much in the way of privacy. I remembered the twin sized bedspreads we had. They fit perfectly and look great too!

Concept for the inside of the pavilion

So far this pop-up is proving to be a good $30 investment. I hardly have to do any cutting or sewing to make it into a medieval pavilion. Standard sized queen and twin bed linens is working out to be just the ticket. I feel very lucky.

To be continued...

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