Dying To Work on the Pavilion

They lied about the weather yesterday. It was supposed to be sunny in the afternoon but the sun was no where to be seen and it almost felt like it could rain at any moment. Because of that, I didn't work on the pavilion like I wanted.  Instead we did the dreaded "Memorial Day Shopping" by getting groceries.

While there, I picked up a 5 gallon jug with a spikot to use in camp and some dye with which to color bed sheets. I will turn the sheets from white to yellow and make walls for the pavilion.  Then when I get a chance, I'll get red fabric or latex paint and either paint on a design or use stamps or stencils.

Boxes of Yellow Rit Dye

After we got home and rested a little bit, I went through the stash of sheets and came up with 4 white sheets and one cream colored one. that gives me enough to make walls and have an overlap on one of them for the door. Shopping completely wore me out so I didn't get to dye anything. Instead I worked a little on the web page and did some weaving.

I am working on a couple of projects. One is cloth to make myself a new dress and the other is Wickelbander for Klaufi.  Since I already have garb, the cloth for my dress is not an urgent matter, but the Wickelbander is. We don't get to meet up very often and they'll be quicker to weave up. I'm pretty sure I can get the Wickelbander done in time and if not, I will bring the loom with me and weave the at the event.

To be continued...

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