Deadline Drawing Nigh

I got a lot accomplished today, but there's still a lot to do. I still have not had a chance to go through my garb and the truck has to be packed tomorrow night to be ready to roll on Friday morning. I want to be there when the gate opens at 10 AM.

I dyed the last sheet and a t-shirt and did the iron-on transfers to make myself "Grynwear".  I did keep all the instructions with the iron-ons but clearly, I need more practice. I accidentally touched the lettering with the iron when I put on the device and....smoosh.  The shirt was cursed from the start when the dye job went bad. This did not happen on the sheet that was with it, so not sure what went on there.

The iron-ons and stickers I made like...15 years ago!

Here's how the shirt turned out.




I also went on line and found the assembly instructions for the IKEA bed I got at the thrift store yesterday. As I thought, it was supposed to come with slats. We're going back to the store in the morning to see if they have the slats somewhere, and if not Ali will have to make me some.  Putting it together was easy enough in the house but it took me a while. The problem is the gadget that the screws go into. If that was held in place with epoxy, that would be ideal. I'll have to talk to Ali about that.  It's light weight enough, maybe we can get it into the Bronco without having to take it apart. I guess we'll find out.

I also managed to finish the Wickelbander for Klaufi. They are currently on the drying rack. They came out pretty good.


Checked the weather and YAY it's not going to be as hot as they predicted last week. I also checked and there is no current fire ban. That means we can have tiki torches and above ground fire pits.

Tomorrow will be jam packed with things to do. I have to make the Dragons's Sweat, Breath and Tears and do any pre-cooking of foods. I have to get my garb together. I have no idea what garb I have on hand. Worse case scenario, I go on mundane clothes (it's a demo, afterall) and during the night, just wear a cloak and no one will know. I also need to get the vehicle packed...the pressure is on!

To be continued...


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