Catching Up

Greetings friends and family,

Been a while since I wrote so thought I'd take this opportunity to update everyone. We hit the road on June 20th, the first day of Summer. We didn't get far from the house as the trailer brakes were not wired correctly and were engaged. We were pulled over by a sheriff because the brakes were smoking. Fortunately we were stopped before anything caught fire. We spent the night at a local strip mall parking lot. Early the next morning, Don rigged the wires to disengage the brakes and have just the brake lights and turn signals working.

With the horrendeous traffic through Seattle and Everett, it took us 5 hours to reach our first destination: Thousand Trails Mt. Vernon RV Campground in Bow, WA.  We ended up purchasing the Thousand Trails basic elite package which lets us stay 21 days park to park so there's no "out of system' BS. We've been happy with it so far.

We have been to their parks in Bow, La Conner, Fall City and Monroe. Tomorrow our next stop will be Chehalis. Hope to have friends stop by while we're there because In the beginning of November we'll head out to West Kingdom, Caid and eventually Atenveldt and won't be back until early Spring. We're hoping to be able to go to Estrella War and will probably start the trek back after that.

Until next time, happy camping and be excellent to one another.


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