Am I Going Overboard?

Mary here,

I wasn't liking the way that the interior was looking with the sagging bed covers so rigged up a curtain rod on one of them. The tips are resting in the frame. It was easy to put up and I'll secure it with hair ties.

I used an existing curtain rod that we had in the house and these clip things that I found in the "junk drawer".

Atmosphere is really important to me and this makes the tent interior look really nice...


I think I've created a monster and am going overboard.  If I want to do this with the other 2 walls, I'll have to scrounge up 2 more rods and those curtain clip things. That's more stuff, more set up, more work and more money all of which I either don't want to deal with, can't deal with or don't have.   All for just the one weekend. I'm not sure it's going to be worth it.  

I have one week to think it it and decide what I want to do.  My husband said to forget the event and just camp out in the yard. I had to laugh.

Meanwhile, I got back into Big Blue and found the insect repellant,  a ton of tables and the plastic barrell that was our trash can!  I also found the legs for the roll top table. It goes in the kitchen as any spills don't need much wiping up.

This one is like a serving tray/coffee table combination. The top of it on one side is a serving tray and if you flip the top over, it becomes a coffee table.

Here's the plastic barrell. I think it was made to put a small keg inside of it. We use it as a trash can.

So, I'll take the rest of the afternoon and sit outside with it and stare at it for a while and decide what I want to do.

To be continued.


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