2020 The Year of Suck

Just going to say that we had a ball going to Arizona last winter.

We had to come back home to An Tir early because of Covid.

We will not be able to go back to Arizona or attempt Estrella War in 2021 because of Covid.

Our only hope is that since this decade couldn't have started off any shitter (or could it still be worse) that the end of the decade will be fantastic.

Annual physical turned up no new problems although tests are scheduled for the fall. We don't expect any bad news (but then who doesn't).

Putting dental on hold because of Covid.

We have been parked in front of a friend's house all Spring and Summer. We have been a support system for one another by isolating together.  We sold our van and bought their box truck with which to haul our trailer and store household items cluttering up the trailer.

Hoping for some good news about another stimulus payment, soon, so that additional work can be performed on the truck. It would be nice if we could resume going south for the winter next year. We'd like to be ready for that.

That's about it for now. Take care and stay safe, y'all!

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