How to Build a Bedouin Tent

This article was copied from, which is now defunct. I saved it for posterity. It is not my intention to infringe on copyright. I felt this was of extreme importance since the instructions/details for making a bedouin tent is practically non-existant on the internet and this was the best article I ever found on how to put one together. Basically, bedouin tent canvas is rectangular and woven out of brown/black goat hair. These pictures demonstrate how to set it up.

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Step 1   Step 2   Step 3   Step 4   Step 5   Step 6   Step 7   Side View   Back ViewBedouin Tent at Pennsic War

Additional Resources: (updated 10/7/2018)

A Medieval Bedouin Tent in Australia (Link still good. Saved files just in case.)

4 links I had posted are no longer good and have been removed from the list. See what I mean about not finding much on this subject on the 'net?!

Here's some videos I found on Youtube:

If you're into weaving like Mary is, you'll probably love these resources for Bedouin weaving to really spruce up your tent! Make and take a tradtional loom with you to pass the time at events!

Laverne Waddington Bedouin Designs

Al Sadu Weaving

Sadu Weaving

Bedouin Weaving

Bedouin Weaving

The World of Beduin Weaving:Tents

Curiousweaver Issue 3 November 1995 PDF 570k 20 pages. Look for the article on Bedouin Saha Weave