Tourney Trailer: Taking One Step Back

Greetings good gentles, Mary here.

After additional discusson on the forums, it's the opinion of several people that the slanted roof without the canvas will work out much better than the folding roof idea. One member couldn't stress the importance, enough, of making it water tight.  having all those joints will make it very difficult to do. Another member made a foamie standy (which is a foam camper tall enough that you can stand up in it) and after the experience with making it, he couldn't imagine coping with the mechanics of hinges and weather stripping.  Slanting the roof is the way to go, particularly since we don't go to a lot of events and they're usually close by or don't involve a lot of driving (especially if we can take a ferry to the ones way up north).  

Another member mentioned that having jacks and leveling it is enough work right there. There's nothing like just pulling up and enjoying the home away from home, never mind having to unfold it too.   I have to agree there. I used to own a tent trailer which required a bit of set up and I much prefer the hard sided 24' camper we used to use.

The idea of making the entire top half lower down onto the lower half came up. Ali and I talked about that in the past. The problem with that idea is that I wouldn't be able to lift the upper level by myself, not without using a tent trailer system (been there, done that).  No, don't need to get complicated. We just need a hard sided tent that's already pitched.

We're thinking of making a wind deflector that can become a wall screen for the kitchen area, making it a useful prop.

Ali's only objection to my slanted roof design is the way it looks.   0_o  Today will be model building day. I'm hoping that if he sees it "in real life" that it won't be as bad as he thinks it will be.  Keeping fingers crossed!

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