Tourney Trailer Planning Continued

Greetings good gentles.

Mary here.

I ran my design past the folks at because I wanted their opintion regarding the aerodynamics. Turns out that it would be like dragging a parachute behind our vechicle so some kind of design change or air deflection will be needed.  

The house is about 8 feet tall from the ground up.  The tow vehicle is 6 feet from the ground up. The point where the roof meets the walls is 6 feet.  Ali wants me to make it fold from that point.  The folks on the forum say that this arrangment rarely works out well and is prone to leaks.

I'm going to propose this compromise with Ali. It's a slanted roof with a removable wind deflector made of canvas.  If the canvas isn't a good idea then I think that the slanted roof should, at least,  take care of the bulk of the problem. It will look something like this:

The other thing I thought of is that we *could* work on this inside the house until the weather is better. We could get the foam as we have the money. Then we can cut out the pieces inside the house and temporarily fit them together with Bamboo BBQ Skewers. When the weather improves, we can take the pieces outside, assemble it and then work on the shell. be continued.

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