Tourney Trailer Material Test Results

Greetings good gentles, Mary here.

The results of the materials test for the tourney trailer is in...and the winner is....newspaper!

The lab coat material alone with Glidden's Gripper and Tight Bond II offered no rigidity. I was also able to lift it off the foam with absolutely no effort.

The single layer of brown paper offered better rigidity than the lab coat material. It was rigid, but I was able to peel it off the foam easily.

The Newsprint offered slightly more rigidity than the brown paper and I could absolutly not remove it from the foam without it tearing.   So, we will be using newspaper for rigidity and then covering the entire thing with lab coat material since that stuff  is nearly impossible to tear. It will offer some protection to the paper.

I decided to add a second coat of Glidden's Gripper and newspaper to the sample. It was even more rigid.  The only drawback is that it wouldn't be good if you're going for a super smooth surface. The first layer of newsprint bubbled and wrinkled as soon as I applied the second coat of Gliddens Gripper. I applied the second layer of paper on top of that, anyway, in hopes that it would flatten out as it dried.  It did, but the texture is still slightly there. This could probably be remedied with some sanding and a few subsequent coats of Tight Bond II and paint.  We'll be leaving it to do it's thing. The texture works in our favor since we want the exterior to look like either stone or stucco anyway.

The results didn't surprise me, if you think about how papier mâché works. It becomes rock solid and can last many years.  Next, I'll be doing samples of carving the foam to look like stone and applying the paint and newspaper in papier mâché fashion and going over that with the lab coat material.

We will be heading to the hardware store in the next few days to pick up the necessary tools. I'll need a soldering iron (or wood burning kit) a heat gun and lots and lots of gloves.

To be continued so, stay tuned.

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