Tourney Trailer: Foam Board Chicken Coop

To gain experience working with the materials that we want to use on the tourney trailer, we decided to build a simple movable chicken coop first. We got 4 of the 4' x 8' x 2" Foamular panels. We cut one down to 44" and then cut that in half to make the end walls. The other three are the sides and the top.  It won't have a bottom because we will be skirting it with chicken wire and rather than have to clean out a chicken coop ever again, we'll just move it a few feet after a few days.

One guy at recommended Alex Pro Latex Caulk as an adhesive. We used that but it ran out rather quickly. We used Great Stuff after that since it's recommended by a lot of foam sculpters.  When we moved the box to a shady location the next day, the areas with the latex caulk did not set. It was still as wet as it was when it first came out of the tube.  The Great Stuff was rock solid and wasn't going anywhere. We filled the corners with Great Stuff where the latex caulk failed and carried on. We will be using Gorilla Glue and Great Stuff when we go to make the trailer.

I am now experimenting with applying paint and newspaper. I'm starting with the corners. I found out that if I paint an area with Glidden's Gripper, tear the paper in half, soak it, squeeze out as much water as I can, unwad the ball and apply it, that the wet paper sticks to the paint much better than it does when it's dry.  The only thing is I have to work quickly or the paper starts to get mushy. I then use a foam roller to go over the paper to push out any air bubbles.  It's creating that nice stucco effect you get when doing this as a faux finish in interior decorating. 

I'm considering using a spray bottle to wet the paper after sticking it to the paint and then rolling it with the foam roller. That will give me more time to work.  I'm also going to try adding Tight Bond II to the water and soak brown paper painters tarp and then apply that to the paint and see what happens. I'll be tearing some pieces up tonight to use in the morning.  I have to work early in the morning while it's still cool out. I also have to get to a point where all the paper is painted over because it's due to rain again in a couple of days.

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