Tourney Trailer: Coop on Hold Due to Weather

It wasn't supposed to rain until this weekend, but it rained the evening of my last post so progress is halted until the weather improves. It's said to get sunny again on Sunday the 11th and be nice for several days afterwards.  This is how far I got (ignore the tester piece on the top).

In the meantime, I have been experimenting with different techniques for carving the foam to make it look like stone. I like using a soldering gun and a heat gun for this. the only problem is that it warps the board so I have to hit the reverse side with the heat gun a little to even things out.  I'll be getting acetone and experimenting with that to create textures as well, which will probably not warp the board so much.

I covered what I carved with 2 layers of papier-mâché (using diluted Tightbond II and newspaper).

 I painted it using acrylic craft paint that I had in my stash. I watched a bunch of youtube tutorials and gave it a shot. This is my first attempt.  Once we do the trailer, I'll be using exterior latex paints.

Ali likes it so much that now he wants me to do the coop like this to make it look like a castle.

When we go to build the tourney trailer, I will be cutting and carving the pieces outdoors (or indoors depending on weather) and then bringing them inside the house where I can sit and do the artistic part on them regardless of the weather. It will probably take, at least, 3 layers of papier-mâché, (I think---more would be even better) and each layer has to dry completely before putting on more. Then I'll paint the pieces.  I won't paper and paint the corners. I'll leave those blank until we go to assemble everything and do them after it's all glued together.

This has been very fun so far. I can't wait to get the coop finished so we can move on to the main goal.  We'll be getting the foam and paint as we have the cash. Would be nice if we can have this done in time for Last Chance Tourney! :)

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