Tourney Trailer: Best Design Yet

OK, OK, I know. I thought I had it all planned out and decided on a design, but I had another idea. I figured that since I'll be making a single person trailer, then there's no need to go really big. I needed to keep it much more simple.  I wanted to stay within the 4 x 8 footprint of the trailer bed and after several days of moving things around, I finally came up with this. It gives me the most bang for my buck, as far as space goes, and has everything I need.  The key was putting the door in the middle instead of to the rear.

The tower in the front breaks up the windflow and provides storage inside it. The roof is sloped to help with that. I'm no expert on aerodynamics, but I figure every little bit helps.

Gravity fed water comes from a shelf inside the tower with a gray water tank concealed in the cabinet under the sink. The porta-potty is underneath that.  I just slide it out when I have to use it. The large door to the left opens down to reveal the cooler which is pulled out when needed.  The cooler can be accessed from an exterior side panel for loading and unloading. There will be a flip-down counter extension above that. I planned space for a propane tank but I will, most likely, go with a single burner butane stove and small canisters instead.  I'd rather deal with small bottles than a tank that would be impossible for me to lift.

The cabinet to the rear holds clothes and other items and when the door is open, it reveals a fold down table.  If that ends up being too claustrophobic, I'll opt for folding TV trays that can be stowed in there.

The bed will be the sliding slat type with storage underneath it.  I'll probably keep things like the skirting, pop-up canopy, tiki torches, banners and other exterior deocrations in there. I will probably install exterior access panels to make it easy to get to that stuff. It will be sealed and caulked so that if stuff is put away wet, it won't leak out onto the floor of the interior.

There will be steps under the door that will conceal the tire and fender.  I'll make a box with a magnet in it and set it on top of the fender of the tire on the other side.  I'll make a skirting with mangets in it too, that can simply stick the the frame of the trailer.  The decorating possibilties are endless where the tongue and hitch are which will be necessary to keep people from tripping over it in the dark.

I'm excited about this project more than ever!  I'm even considering selling my small loom so I can build it. I'm sure Ali will talk me out of that though.

Tourney Trailer Front Side View

Tourney Trailer Back Side View

Tourney Trailer Front Interior

Tourney Trailer Rear Interior with Table

Tournty Trailer Overhead View with Bed Folded

Tourney Trailer Overhead View with Bed Extended

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