Tourney Trailer: Back to The Beginning

Greetings good gentles. Welcome back to another saga of the design phase for the tourney trailer.

It was suggested that we look into getting a wind deflector for our tow vehicle rather than try to make the trailer aerodynamic.  After much research, wind deflectors, unless tuned properly, don't really do you any good and they work best if they are *really close* to the trailer.  Majority of people haven't noticed any difference in drag or handling and the cost of gas savings (if any) doesn't come close to the cost of the purchase price of these gadets. In other words, you're not going to save more than $400 in gas. If you need or want wind deflection, it's better to have it directly on the trailer.

Since Ali hates the roof line, Diane thinks it's weird and I absolutely do not want a set-up scenario, we're going back with the original design and see if we can come up with some kind of wind deflection that attaches to the trailer which can be removed later.

To be continued...

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