Tiny Tudor Tourney Trailer Model Build Part 2

Greetings good gentles, Mary here. Welcome to the second installment of the trailer model build The construction of the model is finished.   I'll be finishing up the exterior decoration at a later time. Here's the "front" (which is the back of the trailer).

Tiny Tudor Tourney Trailer Foamie Build

Here's the "back" (the front of the trailer):

Tiny Tudor Tourney Trailer Foamie Build

Here's what it looks like with the roof folded in:

Tiny Tudor Tourney Trailer Foamie Build

This has helped a lot in figuring out what needs to be modified in the original plans made with SketchUp. I planned the door at 26 inches wide and it hit the fascia boards on the roof and wouldn't open all the way. This was easily solved by trimming the width of the fascia boards an inch each and making the door 24 inches wide instead.  I also worked out how to hang the door.  The top half of the door will be attached to the gable by the hinge on the left side. It will connect to the bottom half with a door bolt barrel slide lock.

The next thing to work out is the beds. Ali wants to do something like this so that we can also have seating area inside:

Personally, I like keeping things simple. I just want a bit of the foamular panel attached to the bench so that the bed platform is permanent. We're not going to be hanging out inside the trailer so we don't need "seating area" if it rains. If there's so much as a hint of rain in the forecast, we're not going. We plan on hanging out under a 10 x 20 EZ-Up anyway. If it rains it means packing that stuff up (chairs, tables and the EZ-Up) while wet then having to drag it all out when we get home so it can dry. No, no, no, no, no. Been there, done that. Many times. Not doing it again.

Next stop is actually building the thing, which we plan on getting to by this summer. Keeping fingers crossed that cars don't break down and no one gets sick or some other disaster! :)  Thank you for following.

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