Tiny Tudor Tourney Trailer Compromise

Greetings good gentles, Mary here.

I want the tourney trailer to be one that we can just roll into camp with and not have to do anything except level it.  Ali wants it to fold for towing. I don't like the idea because that means additonal set up (which we are trying to get away from). He also wants to make a slide-out kitchen box that's used outdoors.  I don't want that either. I want an indoor kitchen so tat I don't have to do any more set-up. I also won't have to screen it off because of the inevitible mess and modern stuff which ruins the atmosphere.

So, we reached a compromise. I'll be satisfied with a folding trailer if I can get an indoor kitchen.

Originally we planned to have the mattresses side by side which took up 90% of the space and woudln't allow for a kitchen. Since I'm short, I couldn't think of a reason that I had to have a 6' long mattress, so I turned one and cut off a few inches. I raised it up a little to give foot room for the person on the lower bed. The upper bed will be plenty long for my 5'2' self.  There's even room for a third person if they sleep on the floor.

This left plenty of room for a kitchen.  I was concerned about having the stove right next to the walls and close to the ceiling so I created a slide out board to hold the stove more in the center of the trailer. There's even a small cabinet in the corner for clothing or linens and the area under the upper bed will hold the porta-potty, the water jug and hose leading out to the hitch to the propane tank. The propane tank will be hidden inside a faux barrel (which will help with wind resistance).

Now all we need is $ and good weather to get started. Meanwhile, I'll be updating the model with this interior.

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