Testing Trailer Materials

Greetings good gentles, Mary here.

I finally have a chance to test out different materials to use in the trailer build. If you are following, you know we want to use 2" Owens Corning insulation panels called Foamular. The small 2 x 2 pieces only come in 1" thickness so we got a couple of pieces to test things out on.

We have access to an unlimited number of disposable lab coats that are made of a material exactly like the interfacing I've seen at fabric stores. It's thin like bed sheets but is nearly impossible to tear. We want to use that for the shell of the trailer. I also want to test other materials.  I set up my hotwire so I could cut one of the 2 x 2 boards into equal parts so we can make comparisons.

In the process, I discovered that it works really well to spred out the Gliddens Gripper or the Tight Bond II with an old credit card after I drizzle some of it on the board. This also saves a lot of the paint and glue that would otherwise be wasted because it's all absorbed by the fibers in any kind of paint applicator (brush, roller, etc.). Extra paint can be scraped off the credit card right back into the can. 

The first piece got a coat of primer and  single layer of newsprint applied to both sides. The second piece got a coat of primer, a layer of lab coat material and then another coat of primer. Reason is that the lab coat doesn't want to stick to the primer like the newsprint does. It took a second coat to saturate it to get it to stick. I have to wait for that to dry to apply the same to the other side.

So far, the newsprint is winning. It makes the foamular rigid (just like how foam core board is made...without the paper cover, the foam core goes all floppy).  The paper stuck immediately and didn't need to be saturated, which left the outside dry. This allowed me to add the same to the other side right away. Still waiting for the lab coated one to dry and add same to the other side of that piece.

Then I thought that if newsprint is that good then brown paper painter's tarp must be even better. I happen to have some (I use it in weaving) and will be applying it to the third piece in the same way I did the piece with the newsprint.  I'll post about that soon.

To be continued. Thanks for following.

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