More Tourney Trailer Planning

Greetings good gentles! Mary here.

I got some mixed replies at to my last design change (which was to angle the roof). One person said it will still be like pushing a brick and other people said it was a vast improvment and would probably work.

To be on the safe side, and to keep Ali happy, we're going with a fold-down design.  Not my first choice. :/ What we'll probably end up doing is making the area where the roof meets the side walls removable and have the roof hinged along the side walls. That way the roof will come straight down and meet in the middle.

The roof will be raised and the triangle pieces will be popped into place from the inside.

There will be a slide-out kitchen box that goes over the tongue.

Here's what it will look like when it's painted:


We checked out the Foamular at both Lowes and Home Depot. The Blue stuff and the Pink stuff were the same as far as we could tell. The Pink stuff is around $3 cheaper at HD so we'll be going with that. I bought a 1"x2'x2' piece of it to play with. I'll be experimenting with it and practicing things like making it appear as stone and things like that.

I want to make a foam cutter out of nichrome wire and a DC power converter next. From all the research I did it's not complicated and I should have no trouble building one.  

To be continued...

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