What is an SCA Household?

Simply put, a household is a group of people who like to camp together at S.C.A. events. It may consist of a few people such as a lord, his lady and their children or even a larger extension consisting of several households. Households have no official "status" in the S.C.A..

Households are generally a group or groups of friends with common interests. They may give their household a name and even a banner to identify themselves as a whole.

House Grynmoors Device

House Grynmoors was formed in 1996 and consisted of Alric (aka Ali), Mary (aka Saeedah), Carlton of Oak and Neva. The household has gone through many transformations over the years.

We used to consist of many members and provide a "comunity bardic fire" where everyone was welcome to come, sit, entertain be entertained. Bards from all over the event would come and entertain everyone. We have since retired to the "quiet life" and our roster of members consists of only a few people. See the Member's Page. We miss those old days, they were a ton of fun. 

Although the days of huge bardic fires is bygone, everyone is still welcome to come join us in camp to sit by the fire, talk about old times and enjoy snacks and beverages.