How to Build a Bedouin Tent

This article was copied from, which is now defunct. I saved it for posterity. It is not my intention to infringe on copyright. I felt this was of extreme importance since the instructions/details for making a bedouin tent is practically non-existant on the internet and this was THE BEST article I ever found on how to put one together. Basically, bedouin tent canvas is rectangular and woven out of brown/black goat hair. These pictures demonstrate how to set it up.

All images are property of the respective former owner of, whoever that may be.

Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 1


Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 2


Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 3


Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 4


Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 5


Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 6


Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 6


Bedouin Tent Construction: Step 7


Bedouin Tent Constrution: Side View


Bedouin Tent Constrution: Back View


Bedouin Tent Constrution: Pennsic Encampment



Additional Resources: (updated 10/13/2016)

A Medieval Bedouin Tent in Australia (Link still good. Saved files just in case.)

How to Build a Bedouin Tent (Bad Link. Getting "Forbidden" error. Regret not saving files earlier.)

Bible Architecture (Link still good)

Nomadic Tents (Bad link. Sorry I didn't save this one too!)

See what I mean about not finding much on this subject on the 'net?!

If you're into weaving like Mary is, you'll probably love these resources for Bedouin weaving to really spruce up your tent! Make and take a tradtional loom with you to pass the time at events!

Laverne Waddington Bedouin Designs

Al Sadu Weaving

Sadu Weaving

Bedouin Weaving

Bedouin Weaving

The World of Beduin Weaving:Tents

Curiousweaver Issue 3 November 1995 PDF 570k 20 pages. Look for the article on Bedouin Saha Weave

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